Kids Program

In our kids programme, students are classified into 8 groups to precisely reflect their learning progress and achievement standards. We believe this is key to a systematic education system, as well as providing a clear guideline for students and parents.

level 01
Level 01 Toddler Art Adventure
  • Begin your little baby's art journey with us and spark their interest in art through our program designed just for infants
  • 教師將會在保持小朋友純真天性的同時, 讓他們培養畫畫的興趣
level 02
Little Artist
  • Let us guide your child in learning the correct pencil holding method as well as creating art with simple points, lines and shapes using oil pastel and pencils
  • 從學習正確的握筆方法開始, 通過簡單的點、線、面的描繪並配合油粉彩和鉛筆去展現小學員的繪畫天賦
level 03
Geometric Drawing
  • At this stage, we aim at establishing a strong art basis for students, equipping them with geometric drawing techniques combined with simple colouring skills
  • 通過幾何圖形和結構線, 學習基本畫畫的方法, 並配合簡單的上色練習以完成畫作
level 04
Composition and Ratio
  • Focusing on composition and ratio, our teachers provide direction for students to create work based on their own ideas
  • 學習構圖比例之餘,老師將引導學生創作思考
level 05
Sketching Principles
  • Students will begin to learn basic sketching principles, the theory of light and shade, as well as three-dimensional drawing
  • 學習基礎素描, 明暗關係的運用, 以及開始三維圖畫的練習
level 06
Still Life and Colouring Practices
  • Through reproduction and still life drawing exercises, students will be introduced to perspective drawing and basic acrylic painting techniques
  • 臨摹寫生練習為主, 介紹透視圖畫法, 並用塑膠彩學習彩繪理論和運用
level 07
  • The focus at this stage is human figure, portrait and still life drawing. Art mediums that will be used include acrylics, oils  and watercolours
  • 重點學習人體結構/人像素描,進級透視圖畫法及寫生練習。同時學習運用塑膠彩、油畫及水彩


level 08
Design & Creative Painting
  • With a solid art foundation, students will be encouraged to exhibit their unique style in artworks based on own ideas as we place emphasis on creativity
  • 當學生擁有穩固繪畫技巧,將強調創作,把構思及風格呈現出來