Art Party

Hosting a party for a special event? Why not include art to make it an even more enjoyable experience for you and your guests. Host your very own private painting party at any of our locations or we can bring the party to your place!

Corporate Team-Building


Wind down with your team in a stress-free art party organised by us and specifically tailored to suit your team’s unique culture and goals. Within the three hours, allow your team’s creativity to flow without limit and generate fresh & exciting ideas with your colleagues. Art is the best channel for you and your team to communicate and collaborate, and ultimately bringing the team spirit and bonding back into the office.

Kids’ Art Party

Choose any theme your kid wants, and our warm and friendly staff will bring your child’s dream to life. Through painting, we aim at igniting creativity in your little ones, and empowering them to express themselves boldly with their wild imaginations.  It will be a party they will never forget and they can take their artwork home with pride.


No matter what the special event it may be — a friends’ gathering, wedding proposal, bridal shower or baby shower, we want to help create a memorable experience just for you. Gather with your friends or loved ones in an art party hosted by us as we celebrate your special day.


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